Hello! Let’s talk about the loss of health, which means disease. Think about any illness you have or have ever had.

Whatever you thought about, I’m sure it should have provoked:

  • Some – or even several – unpleasant symptoms in parts of the body that have lost their health.
  • Some – or even several – limitations, something like “I can not do this, I can not do that”.
  • Some – or even several – bad feelings, such as concern about being serious or worse over time, fear that others know and discriminate against you, fear of the future at work, irritability for not being able to do everything you like, etc.

Am I right? So, wanting to escape this discomfort, many people go after medicines because they think the solution comes faster.

This idea is not totally wrong, BUUUUT … please know that medicines can improve diseases and even save lives, but they CAN ALSO complicate or take a life. So, never stop doing the right thing about medications! I invite you to a reflection: before using a medication:

A.      You must understand what those symptoms mean. Why did they show up? Did you simply fall victim (for example: something fell on your head as you passed the street, somebody put a drug on your drink while you were distracted) or did you do or stop doing something (eg smoked / drank / ate more than you needed, forgot to use condom in temporary sexual relationships, preferred not to get warm on a cold day)? All symptoms have a reason, but sometimes we do not understand well – or pretend it.

B.      With the help of your physician, you will better understand the reasons for your symptoms. During the medical evaluation (it always comes first), the doctor joins the clues, discovers the problem and puts the patient back on the road to health recovery whenever possible. This is one of the great beauties of Medicine. You have already noticed that I am passionate about the subject, right?

C.      Medication should only come after this initial investigation. Even if your doctor suggests that you use it, consider what else YOU can do to avoid having relapses. For example: if you have a headache, could it be because you do not drink as much water during the day as you should and maybe starting to drink more water could help you not have other headaches in the future ?; if your digestion is complicated, it could be because your stomach or intestine has trouble digesting sweets, caffeine, lactose, or gluten, and perhaps you could get better if you stopped eating some of your preferred food? if you often have back pain, it could happen because you usually sit or sleep in bad positions and, perhaps, could you improve if you change those positions?

Did you see how cool it is to think about this?

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