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Hello! Today we will talk about health, this simple word, which has a more complex meaning than one imagines.

For the World Health Organization, the concept of health means complete physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being – this is the complex side.

Theoretically, you need to be well in many ways to be considered healthy. In practice, health means feeling good. For me, in the medical role, health is magic! We can do simple and wonderful things in good health. Ex: take ice cream (those with sore throat not always can); cycling with friends or family (those with back pain, dizziness, neurological diseases etc, not always can); sleep well (those with insomnia, anxiety, depression, snoring or apnea, heart failure / severe respiratory failure, not always can), laugh at a lunch with loved ones (those who have problems with hearing, vision or digestion not always can)

Unfortunately, health has a sad side … it can be attacked against our will by aggressors like viruses, bacteria, fungi, environmental pollution, rapid changes of temperature etc. But the worst thing is that it is often spoiled by ourselves !!!

What??? For how many times we “invite” the aggressors to enter our body when we consume cigarette, alcoholic beverages, all kinds of natural or synthetic drugs, excess sweets, simple carbohydrates, fried foods, lactose, gluten, dyes, preservatives, etc?

When health is attacked, our well-being goes away and gives way to unpleasant symptoms that appear on the head, chest, abdomen, back, arms and legs or mind. Any symptom anywhere in the body can take away your physical, social, emotional, sexual and spiritual well-being. This means that health, our diamond, turned costume jewelry at least temporarily …

Doctors and other health professionals deal with these two sides: the sad one, which is to face the disease, and the magic one, which is to diagnose, treat and recover health.

There are several avenues to recovery health. Some are short, some are long; some are flat and smooth, some are steep and bumpy; some only depend on medical knowledge, but some – often – depend much more on the patient to change bad habits that compromise health. I bet you have already thought that the easiest, flat, smooth path that depends on the doctor is to take a medication, right? That’s what a lot of people think, but let’s see that medication is not always the “best medicine”.
In the next video, we will talk about health and medication. Do not miss it!

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